Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Broke the Eleventh Commandment

Hi Mom! Sorry I broke the eleventh commandment yesterday... :P  [Eleventh commandment is Thou Shalt Write your Mother -Steve] Transfers happened, and President told Elder Clark (my new companion) we could write today. As far as the packages go, Elder Clark says that they are usually really slow. He says two or three months can be normal unless you do the spendy fast option. I'll hold it out for a bit, and if the flip flops don't get here thats OK. New pants are not necessary. I also just got transferred into a car area so we'll see if that lasts long anyways :)  Good to hear Eulalia is fighting off the boys.... and that snow is falling. Here it has been RAIN RAIN RAIN :P I like it, but it is really WET.

So my new sector is called Vairao. Its on the Presque-Isle (almost island). The presque isle is the little part of the peanut (looking Tahiti from above it looks like a peanut). It is A LOT different here, but I am happy to be here, and Elder Clark is great. He's from Utah and has been in the field for like 15 months or so. He's been in the sector for four weeks, and he knows it pretty well. There are so few people compared to my last sector, but the area is at least two or three times the size. He and I are the Zone Leaders, and our zone is HUGE. I'm still not sure why President called me as a zone leader, but I am happy for the chance to work with lots of other missionaries and the couples, annnnnd to be in the car :P Elder Clark is super cool and is a lot like Hunter. We live in a LARGE open house with two stories. The other two missionaries are Elder Goes and Elder Houde he's from Quebec and knows Dad's areas. Quebec French is weird

This week I had some fun new fruit too! Dragon eyes, and cannet ( not sure how its spelled but it sounds like cuh-nett in French). Might be current, but I dunno. Either way its yummy and tastes like something from Jamba Juice. The dragon eyes are purple lychee things, and the cannet is orage pulpy thing. Not super descriptive, but I'll show you videos of them in a year and a half.

This Monday we sang the choir practice and I felt the spirit SUPER strong as we sang praise to the man in French. The song is super cool in French and I think I like it a bit more. It was just cool to sing it with like 120 other missionaries, in another language. Happy for choir. I also saw Carrefour. ITS HUGE. First time I've been in a store like that since Wally World. That was a nice pday thing.

Had a super cool Area Conference with the Area Presidency and some Seventies. It was good see via Sattelite from Australia.

I have lots to say, but little time to say it. Thats always how it its. Just know that I love you SOOO MUCH. I hope you guys are well and happy. Thanks for the support and for being my family. Dad, safe travels, and have fun. Mom and Eulalia and Cherise, enjoy the Subway :) I LOVE YOU!!!


I am happy!
My new area.  Going fishing in a week or so for P-day. :)

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