Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Stake is Exploding

Hi family! Before I forget, I got the package with flip flops (THANK YOU GUYS!!!) and the one with garments (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!)
Super sorry to hear about Ian's family. I know Ian pretty well. Dang. I'm fairly sure we have CO detectors but I will make sure. I also sleep just next to an open door and windows on the second level of an open house. I will be OK.  Our mission has been getting more strict on safety things. Just got smoke detectors. I will make sure we have CO detectors if needed. Hope Ian is OK.
Things are going good here. Our stake is exploding. We have 36 baptisms fixed for the next month. I hope they all get realized. Oh and Dad, Carrefour is AMAZING. Until you realize its like Wal-Mart. Just a staggering concept here compared to the other little stores.
I got to see Russel M Nelson!!! I shook his hand and Elder Calister's, and Elder Pearson, and Elder Tarati, and all their spouses. They all spoke at the AMAZING mission conference on Dad's bday. It was so super. I felt the Spirit so strong when they came in; and during the talks the Spirit told me truths and that I knew they were true. So happy to have seen and listened to these great men. Sister Nelson is so cool too. Just cool. I will never forget that. Got to hear Elder Pearson again during Stake Conference. Super cool
I got sick last Thursday, and I'm still fighting it off. Fever cold thing, with headaches. Hope its not related to the migraine I had a month ago. I was headachy for a week or two after.  I'm OK and I'll be fine. The mission nurse has been helping me out. She is SO NICE; Sister Warner. She and her husband are like 3rd grandparents. They run a guide service for salmon in Alaska.
Dad, If you could send some digital photos via email tonight that would be sweet. My comp and I are giving a presentation Friday about what a mission is at a Catholic school (I know right!!) and some fishing and ice fishing pics and a dirt biking one would be sweet; Talking about what we did before mission and what we do as missionaries and why we're here. Super cool opportunity. Anyway, it would be nice, but if you can't, no biggie. Huge res isn't necessary, just gonna make a ppt.
I love you guys. I love you so much. I miss Idaho weather. Snow sounds super good, but it turns out the fruits here ARE SO GOOD. Love rambutan and coconut water. yum
Thanks for the prayers and the support. I love you and have a good week.
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