Monday, February 17, 2014

Crazy Coconut Close Call with Clark

Thanks for the emails this week. Thanks for the mail too!! I got a huge pile today, from Dec, and January. Funny how it comes in spurts.

Things are going well. I like the car. It beats biking like CRAZY. It gets sweaty on a bike in church clothes. Just saying.

So, cool story. DON'T BE SCARED OK MOM!! I'M FINE.

Saturday I was on the beach (I know right!) walking back from a lesson in Fenua AsherĂ©. (wilderness part east of Tehupou, like the end of the presque isle. Just means less electricity and not really usable roads). My life flashed before my eyes in the form of a falling coconut. We had had a lesson with a young boy (went great, hope he gets baptized) and then elder Clark and I were walking back. Black beach, GORGEOUS view and HUGE coconut trees.  As we were walking I heard the boy say something just in the background. I stopped walking and turned to see if he was talking to us, and I just hear this THUNK, as a 5+ lb coconut falls like inches in front of my face and makes a splash in the sand. Don't think the boy was calling for my, but if the boy hadn't have made a noise, the coconut from the tree and my coconut would have been pretty sore.... Elder Clark thought it hit me, and we had a moment of wow. Just spooky. I know Heavenly Father helped protect me, not from thieves, not from a hurricane, but from a falling coconut, lol :P. Super cool. Don't worry Mom, I will be OK. Not walking under the coconuts in the wind anymore...

So, awesome news... Elder Nelson is coming to do a mission conference with us! He'll be here Friday with us, and Saturday for a Priesthood conference. Super stoked. all the missionaries from the islands and everything will be there, and I get to see my buddy Elder Squires. That will be fun. Just super excited for that.

This week I had some crazy fruit. Chinese ice cream bean (that's what I call it, lol) and some other weird ones at Elder Lee's house. He is going to BYU for Industrial Design like I think I want to. We talked a lot about that. He is a good friend too, and he's in my zone now. Yummy fruit.

Thanks again for all the support and all the love. I love you all, and thank you for the mail and support and prayers. I hope that the garments and other stuff make it, but if not, no big deal (other than stolen garments, that could be bad). I am doing well and I am happy. I really am. I love you all so much. Have a good week,

Elder Larsen

Oh and PS, trying to send a letter this week. Hope it goes out. I have not sent one in a while sorry; :/

At the Vairao Chapel.  Next to me is Elder Petis and Elder Clark is in the glasses.

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