Monday, November 11, 2013

This Week Was Good. Not Easy But Good.

Hey!!! So good to hear from you!! Hope all goes well with mom and stiches.

I am sending two letters this week (didnt have stamps) so there wont be one from last week. Nearly 100 missionaries from our stake is SO COOL!!!! I am so excited to be one right now :) Tell Elder Turina Hi and that I met his cousin Sister Turina (at zone conf today)

Thanks Mom! Hope all is well with your hand. Pray for you, and try to be obedient for you. President says that is the best way to ensure blessings for your family.

This week was good. Not easy, but good. I am Learning more about the Spirit and more about myself.

How are things at home! I cant find the question mark so for now the ! will be both lol!

I read some cool things in Jesus the Christ this week. Jesus truly was and is the coolest teacher. Hope I can become more like him. I really need to get better at Tahitian too. Saw President today and he told me to focus on that. That's the second time he's given me specific counsel to study Tahitian more and more. Getting on that today.

Don't have lots of email time; just wanna say hi, and that I love you.  Have a good week; and take it easy!


Elder Larsen
Me, Elder Petis, and Baby Pineapples.

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