Monday, November 4, 2013

Things are Going Way Better, Q & A

Hey Dad and Mom. Thanks for the email. Things are actually going way better. It takes work, a lot of work, but I think things are going to be great for the next 7 weeks.

Have you learned any more about packages?  Do they only take 2-3 months with questionable arrival if you are in the middle of nowhere like E Rose 250 miles from Tahiti?  I think the package instructions are in the part of the missionary packet that you still have.  Maybe in the box?
No, have not learned more about packages. I think the problem was and is when your like Elder Rose, way far away. The home gets the package, has to send it on boat(s) and it goes through like 5 or more people to get it to you. So, I think here in Faaa is less of a concern.
Where do you use the Internet?
I use internet at members homes. Right now I'm at Elder Petis's aunts house... yeah, weird. President ok'd members houses because there's no Cafe here. Not good with the white bible, but good with Pres.
 Is your apartment open air?  Do you sleep in the bugs?
Appt is not open (its like the 2nd one I've seen that isn't) and there are geckos and cockroaches. Not too bad, but not the best thing to Wake up with on the walls or bed, lol. The geckos make barking noises, thats soooo random to me. Have slept well all 5 weeks so far :)  
Doing any better with the food?  Eat any cool or weird stuff?  Almost a month there.  Sounds like members feed missionaries a lot of food.
Food is ok. Actually sat down to asian carp the other day. Served whole with rice and some green stuff I didn't ask about lol. After the meal the host said I eat better than she does  :)! It was like fish on the fire, but tasted like bluegill. not bad, eat with hands but don't lick fingers. Fafaroo is the worst, but most food is good. Doing better in that regard :) the weird foods so far are fafaroo (smells like diapers) and clam lips. Bread fruit is weird but good :)  We have a few sister Cann's here. [Sister Cann provided a weekly dinner appointment for me when I served in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada 30 years ago.  -Steve] 
Are you working on your Tahitian with E. Petis?  Do you get any Tahitian practice?
Tahitian practice is few and far between. Teach once so far in it. Most language study time is spent teaching. When I have more study time and don't do the twelve week training, then Taitian will be primary study
I found 2 PMG in your box.  How do you get by without?  Also a handbook in there.  Extra?
The PMGs were extra weight, and I got both here from old elders and from the home. The bible was extra too, they gave me one
Have you met any of the missionaries whose blogs we read before?
Oh, yes, I've met two or three. Sister Bradshaw used to be in my zone.
Is this working to have a brief e-mail and longer physical letter? I can switch it up, but it sounds like computer time is still limited.
I like the email and letter thing. Good email. And good letters. Your letters are helping! Got two of them this week.  Thank you.

I Love you all so much. Thanks for the love, prayers and support.  LOVE YOU!

Sunset Pics of Moorea

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