Monday, November 18, 2013

Things are Going Well

Hey Mom and Dad! Good to hear you got Keith into a deer! Got some letters this week. THANKS for the BYU news (not important, but fun :) )

Things are going well. Still not easy at all, but I'm learning to get better at it, and I am liking it. I had a few Bart moments (minor) and a ton of the opposite. The gift of tongues only works if you have the spirit with you before hand. Interesting how that clicked a while ago. Preparation is necessary even if you don't feel prepared for the language, you gotta be ready for the doctrine.

Dude, thats lots of travel, sorry bout that. That's not my favorite thing either. I hope work continues to go well, and everything else. Not my job to worry about that stuff, but I still pray for all of you. Hope
Cherise gets a ring, soooooon. If she does I'm sure I'll get a big email and pics too :P Mom, I hope you heal well!!! I love you and am so glad you are my mom!

I sent some letters this week, one should arrive pretty soon (sent via an Elder going to Provo MTC) hope they make it!

Well, this is most the emailing I'll get for today. I love you! Keep happy all of you, and have a good thanksgiving (next week or this week I don't know :P)



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