Monday, November 25, 2013

I Am Doing Good, I Promise

Hey Mom and Dad, Good to hear things are going good. I'll try to send a pic again, emails being odd today so maybe next week or today.

So, this week was good. Had some slow days and some fast ones too. We taught some really good lessons, and I got to have interviews with president. Felt good to talk to him, and to get specific instructions. Hope I can follow up all his suggestions by the next interview.

Mom! Heal up!! I love you tons, and hope you heal up quick!

I love you all family. Thanks for the letters (got one from Zeph, one from Dad and one from Mom) all dated Nov 5. Super good, and just what I needed.

Outta email time today, and will write more about other things next week :(   Sorry I didn't write a good email today. Just know that I am doing good. I am mostly over the sick stuff.  I LOVE YOU all and want you to know that.  I lean on you guys for support, and I LOVE YOU! Sorry to be breif; 

I am doing good, promise.



PS pic next week 

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