Monday, October 21, 2013

Things are Going Well Here

DAD!!! Hi :)  

[Mom got a separate e-mail today. -Steve]

I love you! Thanks for the bday stuff :) feel silly having asked for it now. You provide for me out here, and I am so grateful for that.

I sent my first letter today (another one should arrive soon through an RM) so expect it in a few weeks.

Things are going well here. I love the people, and the culture is growing on me. The people here love Americans and like to joke with all the English they know. Its super funny.

Don't have lots of email time, its on a wacky keyboard too, so I'll be brief. You can transcribe the letters to the blog, or just write your thoughts on it or something, lol

This week we taught a bunch of people, and I actually participated more. My comp Elder Petis speaks a bit of English but wont admit it, so he bails me out after I'm totally lost by giving me some words. He is super nice and is like the Tahitian Keaton if that makes sense. He and I are getting along really well. we teach about 30 lessons a week which means like one per hour. It's hard but good

Dad, thank you for all the love and for having me as your son. I have seen wrecked families here, and am SO grateful for your love, and time in raising a good close family. I am so glad you are my dad. Thanks for the bday stuff again :) I will get some wacky fruit to try and maybe some cheese or Doritos. Again I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Please relay my love to Eulalia and Cherise. I miss and love all of you!

Elder Larsen

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