Monday, August 12, 2013

Weeks Flying By

So apparently most of the pics I tried to send failed to send (and the automated reply service emailed me that like 2 hours after email time... ugg). Getting pics onto the computer, and getting Gmail to successfully email them is a PAIN. Hopefully west campus has it better figured out. I bought a SD to USB adapter (because the computers refuse to mount my camera with cable) and it works on about 1 out of 10 computers. Ugg. Disgusted that they wont let me return it either... stupid, but anywho, onto news. If anybody asks for advice, just tell them to get a pile of low capacity SD's so they can mail the pics.

So it turns out that weeks fly by here. The days have been SOOOOO long, but once its sunday night, I can't tell you what happened what day, or how long I've been here.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGES!!! I love the Doritios (still have one bag) and cheetos, and those Kakis are the best for the sunday Temple walks. Also, thanks for the laundry scooop, letters, and other goodies. It was really nice. Mail here is SUCH a blessing. Also, I have some questions. Is there anything bad with using AntiBacterial Dial (the gold package one)? It turns out we need our own soap, but they don't sell the blue/white packaged dial soap at the book store. Also, my ankle has been swelling up a bit lately. The trainers at the therapy place say that it was probably a sprain, and it should stop swelling soon. If you decide to send annother package, blue dial, and a tiny ammount of dish soap (like a super tiny bottle) would be nice. But not needed at all. If i run out this week I'll just try the gold stuff at the book store

one cool thing that happened this week was TRC. We got to sit down with a member and talk in french for 20 min, and give a home teaching type lesson. We did it with two members (so like 40 minuites of teaching). It was super cool, and I was SO nervous before hand. I prayed and prayed that the spirit would be with me, and as we went in I calmed down and I actually followed 99% of what he said. I was able to talk confidently, and had only a few pauses or slip ups!!! Definitely the Holy Ghost. Then, on our second visit, the lesson really hit home with her. We talked about making scripture study better, and challenged her to improve her study. The spirit was super strong. Awesome

Another cool thing that happened was receiving mail from Aunt Leanne and family! She sent the COOLEST stamps. They are classic muscle cars, and really nice. Super thoughtfull of her. She sent blank paper and a nice letter too. I'll write her durring laundry today.

I got to see Jozzy last night! She leaves today, or left today, something like that. I also saw Josh Wilson from High school, bryton neild from high school and a few friends too. At choir I saw Jesse! He's on west campus, so I'll get to see him often when we move.  I'll mail more storries when I can sit down with my journal and remember what happened. Like seriously, though, these past two weeks are fuzzy. For now I'm gonna send one pic at a time. LOVE YOU!!!
Hey, also, it turns out that my timbuk2 bag is huge. Its a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Is there anyway to conveniently return it and swap it for a small? If not, not a problem, just if its easy to do than I'd be for it. I haven't used it yet and have not written on it at all

You're in ALASKA!!!  So cool!

I wasted lots of time trying to figure out how to get pics to work. to no avail, ish

SO, I wrote dad a med sized email, and I'll send some handwritten letters for you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

Thanks for the goodies, and for being AWSOME!! LOVEYOU

BTW I got to go to the temple! It was so nice. Didn't see the new film, but I felt like I was at home. love you!

With the Elders of the Zone
Elders Palombo and Randall
With Elder Erramouspe in Residence Area
With Elder Wilson at the Temple
With Elder Vincent at Choir

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