Monday, August 5, 2013

Losing Weight and Trading Ties

Hi mom! I wrote twice, I think. I found out we're not supposed to write letters at night durring personal time anymore (just a first week thing)  I can write letters on p day and email only though I can read snail mail all days of the week.

THAT PACKAGE MADE MY DAY! Thank you so much! I love the bottle though I haven't been able to wash it. Still tastes like new bottle. I don't think I can buy dish soap at the bookstore either. Maybe the smell will just leave after a while. Either way, its perfect. The doritos were the best! I haven't opened the green ones, but the purple ones are all but gone. Fun to share idaho spud bars too:) Also, the hacky sacks are SWEET! I can juggle them at night hahah. Getting the Kakis was SWEET! Thanks for that. They will not see use for 2 more months, so I can have fresh pants in Tahiti. Thanks for the stamps, books, and paper too!

So, yes, I have seen Jocelyn and I gave Jonah his tie tack and temple magazine the day before I left. Classes are going ok. They are so long, and full of language. I think that's the hardest part here, other than learning to release stress without disc golf, and friends. Excersice is great here. Today I weight 10 pounds less than I did when I left.... Yeah, that was not what I expected. I have just been keeping up on my therapy stuff, and I eat a lot less here. Yesterday was fast sunday and WHOA! That was neat. We had a devotional with Jenny Oaks Baker (Elder Oaks daughter) and she played the violin. Also we had a HUGE mission conference where everyone from the MTC met in one meeting. It was sooo cool, and spiritual.

John Morgan Eramouspe has been a GREAT friend here. He left for Lyon today, and that was a mild bummer. I really like that guy. It was a tender mercy for me to have a friend just 4 doors down the hall from me during residence time.

It sounds like we will officially be moving to west campus in september. Not sure why, but they decided to move the french programs there. I hear the food isn't as good, but I just hope we'll get to go the the temple. We go on Monday mornings (it opens next weeek, so I'll get to go starting then). You should go. They changed the film, not sure if you heard about that, but I am super excited to see. My instructor, brother Asay said its awesome (what else would he say about the temple haha)

I'm gonna email dad now. I love you SO MUCH. YOU are the coolest mom ever, and the person most often on my mind. I miss you, but I will get to see you in 100 weeks. Good luck at the doctors, and HAVE FUN CRUISING!

Love, Brigham

[E-mail to Dad:]

I'll start highlighting. Oh, and I discovered that we're not supposed to write letters at night any more (just a first week thing) so I can only mail snail mail or gmail on mondays... oh well. At least I can read mail on nights

So, this week went pretty good. Suprise suprise, we went to San Francico. Yeah, that was crazy. I wrote about that in the snail mail letter so I wont spend to much time talking about it here. I am still figuring out how to send pictures, the networking here at the MTC is not so great.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!! and for sending food other than cookies :) there is a 10+ pound box of cookies in our room alone..... I was so glad to get all that mail, and then all that mail again the next day! I love you tons.

I emailed mom first this week (she sent me an email titled EMAIL YOUR MOM!). You can compose a blog entry based on any combination of whats been sent. I am not too worried about redactions, but I will highlight stuff when its for sure.

The free box is awesome, and I am SO glad I brought so many ties. I trade them a lot, and have one from spain now. Everybody's gotta have a hobby.

I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH. I think you you and mom all the time. I miss you, but know that it's worth it.  Oh yeah, I saw the picture of president bishop! [My MTC Mission President -Dad]

My comps and I are going to try and find computers that will let us email pictures, so I will get back on in a few min and start doing that. I have 28 min of email left today.


Oh, and have a fun time with mom. If you get this while you're out and about good. I'll send some snail mail for Eulalia and Reese today.

[Elder Larsen's Bed]

[Companion Elder Palombo]

John Morgan's spanish companion who is also my friend :)
I think that's all the pics that are worth emailing so far. I love you! gonna help elder palombo figure out how to do it. about 1 in 6 computers will let you attach a jump drive. uggg,

[Note from Dad: So we're eager to see some pics and he sends one of his bed, and none of him :) ]

and thanks for the prayers

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