Monday, August 26, 2013

One Month Feels Like a Week


Hey, this is your son checking in. Uncle rick told me that that's the most important part of p day. True.
I love you so much. Every time I wake up from  dreaming I'm at home, I think, dang, I can't hug mom. That hug in 23 months is gonna be the best thing ever.

I like writing you a physical letter the best, so I will do that during laundry. I love you so much, and just wanna let you know I'm doing well here. I'm happy, and I'm alive. :)

Love you (for the last time I promise :P)


So Saturday was officially one month! Yay :) Can't belive that. It really feels like I've been here for 1 week. The first 3 days felt like a week, and the last 4 weeks felt like a day. Crazy, but good.

SO, some cool stuff happened this week! I saw Jesse at choir last tuesday again, and I saw Ethan at choir and dinner last night!! I will send a pic. Looks like he got a companion he'll get along with just fine. Can't wait to meet up with both of them at Tuesday choir. Choir is the Bomb. I love Brother Eggot, the director. Choir is the time I laugh the most, and calm down. Lucky me  I got companions who like it too!

The official date I will be moving will be the 16th of September.... ish. Thing is, they haven't told us anything but, they did tell our Branch Presidency that on the 16th, they have meetings on West campus. I will do my best to get the new address for snail mail, but so far Nobody is in the loop on this thing. They have never moved districts in progress is my guess. Hmmph. Also, my companions might change. We are getting three French Elders into our district (learning Tahitian), and they might split the Trio's. Hope not, but we shall see.

One neat thing that happened this week was a lesson with my teacher Frere Asay. He's from Boise, and has been SO good. He's leaving the MTC though, because he is super smart and his major will take like all of his time (BYU classes are starting wow). Bummer. Anyways, we were teaching about keeping the Sabbath day holy and the prophets. It wasn't an earth shattering lesson, but the spirit was SO strong. It was amazing when Elder Palombo gave his commitment in Tahitian too! He surprised us with that. We start Tahitian either today or tomorrow (YIKES). Frere Asay said afterward that it was a super solid lesson, and that he'd planned on refusing the commitments, but because the spirit was super solid he went with it. Really happy the Lord helped us there. It's such a good feeling (even during role play) when you know that the person is comming closer to Jesus. Can't wait to do it in real life (out side of the TRC, which is still awesome).

Things are going well. Last night I realized that I am happy here. And that it's a opportunity that might never come again to be surrounded by 2000+ missionaries. Even though I have tough days, and need to improve, I know this is the right thing to do. The tender mercies here pile up so fast.

Also, I am so happy to hear that Kendal is getting baptized! I will try to write him. SO GOOD TO HEAR! Wish I could see the service, but hey, this is the only other place I'd be. I AM SOOO happy for you Kendal!

Love you guys and thanks for the mail. Mail, even at the MTC, is SO valuable to missionaries.

-Elder Larsen


Is anyone writing you too much e-mail?  I can encourage them to snail mail.

Nobody has written too much email. I've been sending short replies and directing them to the blog (Thanks for doing that)

How is your knee?  Are you keeping up with therapy during exercise time?

My knees are ok. My ankle has caused the most grief... The trainer here thought I might have sprained it at therapy that one time. Ugg. It's been the most sore, but is getting better. I do therapy at least 4 times a week during gym, and I've actually been running on it a bit too. Happy about that. Just hope and pray othopedics remain as they are right now.

How did you survive fast Sunday? I hear it can be long there. Another one coming.

The first Fast Sunday was GREAT, but that's cuz I was still 'Not throwing up'... so not eating was easy (Heavenly father, I'm going to fast not to puke...) Not that bad, but I have been nervous the mornings here. I'm nervous for next sunday fasting. If I can't make it, theres a billion vending machines here. I'll be fine.

Does your snail mail address change when you move?

 [From above] I will do my best to get the new address for snail mail, but so far Nobody is in the loop on this thing.

Did everyone catch up to you and Elder Randal on their French?  Are you still most fluent?

Not most fluent (that's always been elder Randal, the one in the blue shirt with Palombo).

I am doing good at the french,  I'm not "FLUENT"... that was supposed to be in air quotes as to suggest ''yeah right''.... umm yeah. I hope I didn't sound that cocky...... Elder Randal thinks I'm better than him at grammar (maybe...) but I know he's the best at speaking. Hes the guy who lived in Paris.  Also Elder Hunsaker neglected to tell us that hes amazing at french too. He took 5 years (High school and middle school). Just don't want everone to think I'm the best here. I am not :)

Sounds like Jesse was sick.  Wash your hands!

I wash my hands obsessively. Will keep it up.

I love you SOOO MUCH!!! Thanks for the mail too. Love the pictures you send to fishing. Also I loved the postcard, and map, and letters.

Be well, my family. I love you, and also, if you could Dear Elder me the responses to:

GMT, Lat and long for Tahiti (watch settings)

[Other requests edited out -Steve]

Sorry email here is PAINFuly slow. Sorry bout that.

Gotta run now. Thanks for the mail, and dear elders and email. I'll write you some snail mail today.
Sorry for shotgunning your inbox lol. 

Elders Franco and Palombo
With Sister [Cousin Jocelyn] Larsen
"Elder Lewis from McCall, going to the West Indies"
"Elder Lewis' awesome comp, Elder Call.
These guys have been sweet friends"

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