Monday, August 19, 2013

Best District Ever

This week has been so amazing. It flew by, and plenty of tender mercies happened.

TRC this week was great. We met a guy from France, who's Parisian french was SO FAST! Some how I actually kept up though. Only missed a few sentences in the 20 min. We got to see the same sister as we did last week too. She's so nice, and showed us a sweet picture of her driving a Lamborghini Galadaro at the Tooele Larry H. Miller place. Awesome. The spirit helped Elder Franco and I, but it would have been better with Elder Palombo. He taught with our instructor, so he'd get more time to talk. Good thing for him, bad for us. He brings such a good spirit.

Also, Sunday was the BOMB as usual. I got to go on a temple walk after sacrament, and I met a guy named David who got back from his mission like 10 days ago. He was so nice, and told me to just look at everything thing through a positive light, and it will be great. He lives in Georgia, but is going to go to BYU in a few weeks.

Also on Sunday, we had the lesson for district meeting. Elder Palombo and Franco taught it with me, and our branch president sat in. We all felt the spirit so strong there. I love my companions, and am so glad that they love the gospel. After district meeting and temple walk, I got to go to choir and Devotional. GUESS WHAT!?!?! Vai Sikahema was the speaker! It was so cool to hear him. He told us about a convert on his mission and how they've stayed close for 30 years. His family and the converts family are still best friends, and Via also spoke about how EVERY good thing in his life has been tied to his mission. Super cool to hear one of my BYU football legends talk about missionary work.

On Tuesday, I saw Richard G Scott!! Double awesome! He spoke on the power of prayer. I fell asleep for like 7 min, and wish I hadn't have. I guess his voice puts me out when hes there, and not just on Saturday general conference haha. He brought such a tangible spirit, and when he left, EVERYBODY stood up and waved. Nobody moved after the closing prayer until he got up and chuckled. It was such a cool thing.

So, in short, I have the best district ever. They are all super nice to me, and serve me when ever they get a chance. Elder Randal is awesome too. I probably sounded cocky in my first letter about his french. But no, he is the real deal when it comes to speaking it. I thought he was kidding, but it turns out he lived there. I am no good at spoken french, but hope I will be in the field. Elder Hunsaker is nice too. Last night I came home to 10 snack bags of doritos, hidden in my bed, my laundry, and my desk. He and elder Du Pre know I like them, so they brought a bunch back from the Cafeteria. Nice guys
I love it here. It's so different than what I'm used to, but in a good way. Home seems like a dream still, but the Spirit makes all the preparing to teach, and studying worth it.

Thanks for the mail everyone, and God bless.

~Elder Larsen
Elder Martin from Meridian
Also, SD's is the BEST way to go. [I.e., take small SD cards to the MTC and mail them home with pictures. -Steve]  I've been struggling to get ones out, and get noreply emails 30 min after I'm off telling me the message didn't send. Attached SHOULD be pics of my shoes, I'm a bit worried about one of the heels. The sole is sepparating from the shoe, but not flapping or anything yet. Have any advice on that? Mail shoe goo or send them to you to get fixed, or not a problem or whatever?

Also, I think a smaller bag would be the way to go. I'll take you up on the pictures thing. I still have 7 weeks here to figure that out.

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