Monday, June 15, 2015

What You've Chosen is At Hand

Hi all!

This has been a good week. Elder Bakow and I taught many lessons, and we fixed a couple of baptisms. One elderly lady accepted to be baptized, she is 78. She is excited about the baptism and she gave up her coffee. :D She was really touched by a priesthood blessing that we gave her, and now she wants to join the church. Her Children are mostly members. It would be awesome if they make it to the temple! 

This week, I had some good studies. We have so much more time to study here  than I did in Papeete. We have all of the past several general conferences as mp3s on the phone and it is great being able to listen to them every morning.  Today I'm listening to the talk "Which way do you face?" Lynn G Robbins is such a cool guy. Yesterday I listened to Elder Oaks talk from the April conference. All of the talks are good, and the more you study them the better they get. During my studies I read Alma 40 - 42 . I never realized how much deep doctrine is in the book of Mormon. 

This P-day isn't the most exciting one, but Elder Bakow and I are having a good time. He is such a good friend. The most exciting part of P-day is seeing your emails! 

This morning we did some laundry and we ate with a nice member family here. The member lady who fed us is so kind. We are starting to work with and teach some of the members of her family. I really hope that they will become an eternal family. We are so lucky to have an eternal family. Actually I think that we are blessed too (not just  lucky) because both of you, Mom and Dad, used your agency well. This week I thought a lot about the Spock quote  "What you want is irrelevant. What you have chosen is at hand." A lot of people want to have an eternal family BUT what they presently want has little influence on the developing consequences of their past choices. What they have already chosen can stop them from getting the blessings they deserve or desire . But because Heavenly Father is a good and merciful God, he can make miracles happen. I love seeing those miracles. God is good. We can't change the past but we can change our future! 

To answer your question, the electricity for the island is generated by one big diesel generator.  It gets a monthly load of fuel from the the boat. If it fails.... camping woo-hoo!  The Internet at church is non existent so we found a way to use our phone at the post office.  Kinda spendy to use their Wi-Fi.

Have a good week! 
I don't think that I'll be able to reply to all my mails today,  but just know that I am happy and doing well, and I love you all!

- Brigham

Oh and I forgot!  Dad, I have a fishing report for you, but it's not my own. My friend and his wife just caught what could be a record wahoo. It weighs like 66 kilos. Because they know that I'm into fishing they called us and we saw them with it at the docks. I  have pics of it. I'll show you in a month or two. Crazy cool fish. It's about my height. They are verifying the fish for the record. Pretty cool. I still think that Csilla's fish was cooler.

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