Monday, June 8, 2015

Improved Tahitian and Laundry Semi-Automatique

Hi all!

This was a great week!

Things are going by really fast. I thought that things would be a bit slower, or would go by slower, at least; now that I am out of Papeete and the Office. Dang, I was wrong. Time is going by so fast.

This P-day was fun! We went with a member family to a motu (a little piece of the atoll). While we were there, we explored, drank coconuts, and took lots of pictures! Again, I have not succeeded yet in sending pictures, but that might just have to wait for two months. It was a good way to spend the P-day, and a good way to get to know this family. Once we got back, Elder Bakow and I spent like two hours washing laundry. We are lucky to have a laundry machine! The machine is kinda semi-automatique. It is a big drum that you put the clothes into, and pour the soap and water in with buckets. We just use some of the precious water from the cisterns. When the drum is full, you turn the machine on and the drum just spins and spins, until you call it good. Then you can take it out and rinse it by hand, or scrub it again, or  you can put it in the spinner (another drum, really small and made of plastic). The spinner gets the clothes drier , before they go on the line. Washing a full load takes a long time and is a full team effort. Lots of water to get from the cistern, lots of drying in little batches, and lots of hanging. It makes me really appreciate having the fancy machines at home.

This week, we had some ups and downs with our investigators. We managed to find a few new people to teach, but one of our amis is having a rough time with the word of wisdom. They all are actually. That is probably the hardest commandment for people to keep here. I am so blessed to not have a problem with that. Thanks Mom and Dad. We fasted with a wonderful family this week, and I am just so lucky and pleased to know these people. We fasted to help our friend be able to overcome some of his dependences. I love these people.

This week, we taught many many lessons to less active members of the church, and then Sunday was like payday! We had three or four families come to sacrement meeting as well as two of our investigators! Wooohoo! I think we were at forty five! New record (for Elder Bakow and I). I think the normal here is about thirty or so. Yeah. It is really small. We even got to teach our gospel doctrines class! WOOO HOOO! Best Sunday ever!

This week, we were also able to give a blessing to an elderly woman on the island. I think she is a little older than 80, and she was really sick. We gave her a blessing, and she was really touched. She's a life long Catholic, but her daughter is a member of the branch. After we gave her the blessing, she regained her health and she was really touched! We were super stoked, and she's accepted us to come back to talk about the Gospel! :D Giving blessings has been a special, and unique experience on my mission. My Tahitian is getting a lot better, between elder Bakow and I; we do alright. We've taught SO much in Tahitian. I just feel blessed to be understood, and to understand.

In short, I am doing well, and I am happy to be here. I'm not sure how long we will be here, or what the plans are (its kind of nice not being in the loop :D ) but I just feel lucky to be here with these nice people.

Dad, I got your picture [of a large trout Mom caught -ed]. WOW! DUDE NO WAY! That is awesome. I am going to find a way to show that to our amis. They always ask about fish at home :D SEVEN POUNDS! SO COOL!

The guy we fasted with gave us a filet of tuna that is probably about the same size of mom's fish. :D
Tuna steaks for breakfast!

Thanks for all your love, prayers, and support!

Have a good week

-Elder Larsen

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