Monday, May 4, 2015

I Want to Finish Strong and Be the Best That I Can Be

Hi all!

This has been a good, but FAST week. We finished our Zone Conferences! Wooohooo! And we had some great proselyting experiences this weekend. It was nice to spend ALL day Sunday in the sector (after church that is). It seems like yesterday that I wrote e-mails. Things are really really going fast.

This week, Elder Lee Chip Sao's brother came home from his mission, and President gave us permission to go see him arrive at the airport. It was neat to see him get off the plane in his suit and tag, and it was kinda weird to imagine that one day I might get off a plane in SLC...Naw, that will never happen. 

This week, we were able to see many mission friends in other zones, because of the conferences. I will send a pic or two. I did a lot of driving this week, and I am happy that the conferences are over. Its kind of funny though, all the driving here is nothing next to driving back home. The island is not that big, and doing the tour of the island takes less than two hours. It's like taking a trip to Grandma's house (except that we go at 60 kph, instead of 75 mph) 

Yesterday, we were able to teach six lessons. After church got out, we were still fasting, and during our fast, we had some cool miracles happen. We found several new investigators, and we were able to fix two baptisms! We taught a lesson in Tahitian with an elderly man. It went really well, and I was thrilled to be able to talk about the restoration in Tahitian. There are some hard concepts to clearly express, but our Ward Mission Leader was with us, and he really helped us too. He is from Rurutu (in the Australles). His Tahitian is the best.

It's been officially 8 months that I have been here in Papeete. I just can not believe how fast things are going. I am blown away. My mission has been the most rewarding and challenging thing that I have ever done. I just want to finish strong and be the best that I can be!!

Sorry my thoughts are kind of scattered. I am a little tired, and I think I might to take a nap after e-mails. I got my hair cut, and did some laundry today, and I found TONS of ants in my closet..... The ants are sooooo fast here. Having all the shirts and towels covered in ants makes for an itchy day. "They're everywhere!!!" Hehehehe. I got them all I think. I just have a few bites on my arms. My laundry should be done soon.

These are my thoughts for today. I love you all! Thanks for all the e-mails and for all your love and support.

Have a good week, and I will see you on Sunday!!!!


PS  Oh and mom, Elder Bednar is my HERO! He is soo cool :D  I'm glad that you got to go to Women's Conference!
Zone conference in Paea

My companion and his brother!

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