Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello All From Hikueru

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am in Hikueru and the Internet is like NON existent. You would be surprised. Ive been waiting for about ten minutes just to get the myldsmail page loaded, and so I typed this letter first on notepad, as the page came up, then I copied and pasted it. I wish I could show you it.

Things are so awesome here! We got here on Thursday, as Eulalia was graduating! I really enjoyed being in the plane, and looking out the window like a little boy :D We went direct from Papeete to Hikueru. It is a flight of about 90 minutes, and includes a complimentary Moorea Pineapple juice drink :D I will have to show you the pictures when I get home. I don't think that we will be able to send any pictures from the Hikueru chapel. We shall see though.

You would not believe how beautiful it is here! We got off the plane, and we had to take a boat from the airport to the main island (the airport is situated on what is called a MOTU, or little island next to the main island) The atoll (Hikueru) is actually a partially submerged doughnut. The 'city' or village, is situated on the biggest piece of the 'doughnut' which is above water; and the airport motu is across the lagoon from the village island. As of today, there are actually about one hundred and twenty people, and they all live on the piece with the village on it. I think Elder Bakow and I have talked to like all of them. (almost)

The branch has 90 or so members on paper (but only like thirty people came to church, and I think that there are a lot less than the full ninety here). Everyone here is either 'Mormon' Or Catholic. There is one very old Catholic church, it is the only church building besides our chapel. EVERYONE here has accepted to talk to us, and EVERYONE here is so nice. I am really just blown away by the nice Tuamotu (Puamotu is how they say it) people.

Sunday was an adventure, and we were able to see the branch in action. The branch has a lot of potential, and lots of part member families. I hope we will get some baptisms!

To answer your questions, yes we have a functioning cell phone (I don't know if there are any land lines here), yes we take bucket showers (wooohooo! Its like hiking!), and we do have a working toilet (not like hiking :D ). The water is not very potable, but we have fresh water that comes in on a boat, one every three weeks or so. We also have a water filter (woohoo! still like hiking! :D ) and we do the laundry with the non potable cistern water.

I am having a blast, and I am soooo happy to be here. Yes, we eat, and we eat well! The members of the branch take turns feeding us. They are soo nice to us, and they were stoked to have missionaries. The last time that they had young elders (the only other time) was like in the nineties, and they really really are happy to have us. There are about fourteen families, and so one each family feeds us twice a month. We eat fish (fried, or boiled) as the main course, rice, and raw fish (as the 'salad' or desert :D) I am in heaven!

Really though, I LOVE IT HERE!

Today, we went fishing with the man who brought us from the airport to the village, and we got to know him and his wife. VERY nice people. Lesson fixed for tomorrow. :D
And we got to go fishing :D
This is an adventure,

I am happy to be a 'real missionary' again. We have already had some super teaching moments, and I have felt the Holy Ghost guide us in teaching several times. I just want to do the best that I can, and I know that Elder Bakow and I will be able to do good things here. He is such a good guy.

Thanks for all of your love, and for all that you do! I feel like time is flying. I still can't wait to see you again, and to tell you all about the mission adventures.

Have a good week everyone! and thank you for the prayers. Know that I am doing well, and that I love you!


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