Monday, January 6, 2014

Rough Week

Hi all. Thanks for keeping me posted. I am really sad to hear the sad news. [Brigham's cousin passed away this week.  -Steve] I love him, and really hoped to get closer to him after my mission. I'll be ok. Send my love to the family.
This week's been rough.  I'm serving for now with a new Elder who is waiting for his visa to go to Vanuatu. I am still training, but its OK. We're in FAAA here still (yay! I really do like it) and everyone says sorry when they hear I serve here, haha. Its great! The people are so good. 
The first 12 weeks are over, and I hope things go OK this next period. Have no idea how long my new companion will serve here. I just want to help him.
Again I love you. I thank you for your prayers and emails, Mom and Dad. Sorry again to hear the sad news. 
I haven't gotten the xmas package yet, but thanks in advance.
I love you a ton! Thanks for all your support.

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