Monday, January 20, 2014

New Companion

Hey Mom and Dad. Thanks for the emails. Sorry last week was rough, but things are going OK now. 

I got a new comp.  I am with Elder Christiansen. Nice elder From San Diego. He is really smart and has been here since last January. Happy to have someone who is easier to communicate with. Yay!!! Either way I'm doing OK. I was down about [deceased cousin] a bit, and that just collided with a nasty interaction with some other Elders, and rough time with the trainee. Had a nasty two weeks. President helped me A LOT during interviews, and I am OK now. Thanks for the prayers and support. Struggles but not struggling. That describes it very well. Tell pres Finn Hi please. I really look up to him.

Last week we didn't have email time, because of PDAY choir practice... yup Dad, it still exists. It is only about fifteen min away from our place (ZLs pick us up) and all the missionaries from the main island sing together. It's been nice. I like singing with big groups.

Thank you everyone for the emails this week. I got tons and can't reply at all of them. THANKS for the mail too. Got a neat package from Grandmas Christmas party, and I got a card HUGE from the primary :) day made. Thanks guys. I love you all. I miss you guys, but it turns out I'm getting more and more used to Tahiti too. Hope I don't freeze to death back home :P I am liking the humidity more and more. I am sad to hear the ward got redrawn, but I know the church is still true, haha. That's just weird. Hope things are good in the new ward.

I LOVE YOU. Thanks for all your love. Email next week! :)

Elder Larsen

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