Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, TAHITIAN Style!

Hey Mom and Dad!! Thanks for the emails. Dad, that was awesome to see the Tahiti weather forecast. Really good email, and I appreciated the story from pres Hinckley. Got to a Mac this week so typing is MUCH better, even if the keyboard is still rearranged, the keys FEEL right, hahah.

This week was great. Things are going awesome with Elder Petis, and we are getting along fine. We taught the LEAST lessons this week that I've been here. Had about 10 or more cancelled. CRAZY week of backup plans :P

Again, I want to thank you all for being so awesome. Every day I see more famillies with SO MANY PROBLEMS, and I know that the Gospel that Jesus gave us is TAILORED for the family. Its the perfect place to implement and live His teachings. I know that I have a family gospel centered. THANK YOU MOM and DAD!!

This week some funny stuff happened. I ATE SUSHI. Its weird, not bad, in fact I liked the one with carrots, and cucumbers with the fish. The crab sushi is the undoable thing. hahha, still time to love it :P After a lesson, one of our investigators daughters said Happy Thanksgiving! It was Thursday and she knew better that it was a thanksgiving than me! Cool, she learned all about it at school, and quizzed my pilgrim knowledge. Good that the schools here teach that the people came for religion. Thought that was cool.

Another funny thing was the McDonald's. Insert angelic voices here. Hahah. Our faatamaraa (a member family feeds the missionaries EVERY night, that's the DA [Dinner Appointment]) Sunday ran out of time to prep food so she bought us McD's. SOOOOO GOOOD. I had fasted for the whole day, and ended with a big mac and coke. Laughed as I remembered what Elder Vincent has been saying about McD's, how good it is in a foreign land. SO TRUE after the fast..... happy boy :P

This week I'm starting the BOM in French. Our stake is doing a thing for the youth and all the members too, to read it in 170 days. Using it as a chance to help my French and Tahitian. Excited to start.

Again, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! You are all so cool. Have a good week, and know I love you. Thanks for the prayers and mail. Dad, your letter marked the 28 Oct got here this week, and I think that it was perfect for this week. The things mentioned directly applied to how I was feeling, and it helped me. Tender mercy.


Elder Larsen

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