Monday, December 9, 2013

Brief E-mail

Hi. Not a lot of email time today, in a Internet cafe, and got a meeting soon.

Things are going OK. Thanks for the email. Sad, but happy to hear Tommy passed. He is such a nice guy.

I cant send a pic today, sorry. Tried and tried last week, but wouldn't send. I will try next week too.

We got to watch the First Presidency thing last night! It was in French, but still good :)  Took our investigators to it and it was a success! Got our ami George to come and it was his first time in the chapel. Yay!!

Had a big miracle too. We fasted, and at the end of our fast we invited our ami to pray. She was reluctant, and refused the baptism, but after 30 min. of discussion she decided to pray. During her prayer, EP and I were praying for her that shed feel the Spirit. about halfway into her prayer she started to talk about baptism; and burst into tears. After she described how the Spirit acted on her, and she said shed never felt that before. SO COOL. We all felt it during her prayer. Hope she will decide to be baptized.

Thanks for the letters again. I love you. I miss you my patient family.

Have a good week. I'll have details on the calling thing by next Monday. maybe Skype. Sending a Skype name or hangout name would be good.



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