Monday, November 17, 2014

The Old Ship Zion

Hi all!

This week has been a good week.

So, I wrote a TON last week. I doubt I will write so much today. I have been WAY faster typing here than in my other sectors, and I am finally re-trained to use the QWERTY keyboard. I got used to the goofy French one, and then here, we do so much typing on English keyboards that I have lost the french keyboard ability.

Seeing as I have sent no physical letters for this last transfer, I will try and get one written to send soon. Sorry...

How are you all!? I am happy to hear from you! Thanks for being my family, and for supporting and helping me. I hope that you all pass a good Thanksgiving! (next week?) and that you have some good times together. I miss you, and the turkey, and clam chowder; but I know that I am doing good here, and that I will see you all in summer. I am enjoying the 80+ weather, and the beautiful green-ness here. It's like the garden of Eden. Seriously though.

This week started with some small conferences. We did half of the mission one day, and the other half the next day. Elder Taylor (not my companion, but an area medical missionary) came, and talked to the mission about stress management, and how to communicate positively. It was a great training, and we had the chance to meet him, and to have him come to our monthly leadership counsel, to talk about Christ-like leadership. It was a good meeting.

This week we also had some good meetings with President, and we were able to do a split with the zone leaders of Raiatea. It was cool. I was able to work with my old companion Elder Teihotu, and we actually had a good time. I was really happy that it was a positive experience, and that he enjoyed it too. I'll send a picture of that. The other guy in the picture is my buddy from the MTC, Elder Gouttin. He's from France.

Friday, we picked up Elder White, from Provo, to be my next companion. Elder Taylor, who's been in the office since like February, will be going to Takaroa (the Tuamotu's) this Tuesday, and now it'll be Elder White and myself holdin' the fort down. :P I will miss Elder Taylor, but I know that he will finish strong at Takaroa! He's got about 3 months left. I'll send a picture of us with Elder White. He is a great guy.

This weekend, we had a baptism (shout hooray!). Actually, we had two baptisms, and a marriage. Yeah. It was a loaded week for the ward, and to add on top of that, a member of our ward died, and we had the funeral Thursday. Friday was marriage number one, and Saturday was marriage two, with two baptisms afterwards. I am really blown away by the ward in which I serve. It's about half or two thirds of the size of the old Highland 3rd ward, but the members here magnify the calls, and do so much for each other, and for the missionary work. It is a FUNCTIONAL ward, and I love our bishop. I think this is probably the biggest ward in which I will ever serve.
The baptisms went well, and I confirmed the young man. It was a good service, and I even got to give a talk about the Holy Ghost at the service. While at the service, and later, while listening to another missionary concert the members sang, I thought about how lucky I am to be a member of the THE true church; the church of Jesus Christ. How cool is that!? Right!? I remember Elder Ballard's talk about staying in the ''old ship Zion'' and how important Brigham Young said it is to STAY in the boat. I never want to leave the old ship Zion, and I can't stop thinking about how good the old ship Zion has been to me. Oh how lucky we are to be in THE true church, to have all the never ending blessings that are found within. How lucky I am to have a family centered on Jesus and His teachings, to have a group of kind Christian people with whom to worship, to have been taught by kind volunteer teachers at the Sunday school, to have studied with President Campbell at the seminary building, to have been called on a mission, and to be able to help others find joy and make it back to Father. I will never leave this old ship Zion.

Thanks Mom and Dad for all that you do! I love you, and I look up to you! This was a good week. Your son is doing fine, and he loves you! Thank you for all your prayers, your love, and your help. I hope and pray that you are well, and that Heavenly Father will keep looking out for you! I love you!

Elder Teihotu, Gouttin and I at the airport. They flew in to come to our leadership meeting.

Elder White's first Sunday night call-in report.

The Baptism

One of the marriages. The town hall here is REALY NICE! it is one of the cleanest, coolest buildings I've seen here.

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